Project Description

Dancing Wood, Who?

Dancing Wood is an all-in-one pet funeral memorial products supplier. Main categories include:
Wood pet urns
Keepsake boxes
Cremation jewelry urn
Pet cremation ashes bag / container
Memorial gifts
We have been in wood box industry since 1999, wood urns line is one of our categories. This category was started later than other categories ( jewelry box, tea box, watch box and more ). One of our customer, who are our old friends now, asked us to make wood pet urns for him in 2013. He met some quality and delivery problems with his supplier at that time. He bought gift boxes from us and was very happy with our quality and service as well. Yes, we started this category then.
After years of growing, we know pet loss aftercare industry more. Many customers meet some issues in importing pet funeral products from China.
Do not support small order
Do not support personalized design or logo
Poor quality
Unstable delivery time
High transportation costs
After thinking, we’d like to extend our advantages to more pet funeral products to help customers solve these problems.
With 20-year industry background, we have rich related resources and well cooperated sub-suppliers. These allow us to support customers more and better.

What customers can get from us:

Small order support
Free Mock Ups
Free Sample
One Year Quality Guarantee.
More than these, you will have a passionate team work for you. From sourcing to shipment, you can have pictures or videos provided to follow up your order.
We are on the way and never stop our feet…

More About Mother Company of Dancing Wood

Dancing Wood is a daughter company of Pins Idea
Pins Idea is the 2nd generation in wood box industry, focusing on wood gift boxes and wood packing boxes. Main categories include:
Wood tea gift boxes
wood watch display / storage boxes
Jewelry boxes
Personalized wood gift boxes
Pet urns and keepsake boxes
The goal of Pins Idea is simple, being a better China wood box supplier.
We never stop our feet.