Project Description

Glance of the Wooden Box Factory

Normal wooden boxes are made by these 5 main processes, cutting, assembling, sanding, painting and packing.

You will see why customers can be offered with one year quality guarantee, why we can support small order and better service.

We care.

Cutting Process

Cutting process is one of the key processes to make a wooden box. Most of the workers in this workshop is with 10+ years industry experience, they are the first guarantee line of a well crafted wooden box.

We are able to cut normal wood shapes and special CNC cut wood pieces as well.

At this process, we control quality by measuring ruler, calipers, some mold when needed, in room quality control.

Assembling Process

At assembling process, cut wood pieces are assembled together by glue, gun nail, strong rubber band, pressing machine… It’s very important to glue the wood pieces strong enough which is a guarantee of  a strong and well crafted box. We will see the outer frame of the ordered boxes here.

We control quality by measuring ruler, calipers, some mold when needed at the process, in room quality control.

Sanding Process

At sanding process, all assembled semi-finished boxes, parts are sanded here, some by hand and some by machine, vary according to shapes of the boxes and quality standard. The better the smoothness of the boxes, the better the painting / lacquer could be done. It affects the final finish of the box much, more than what we could see from a finished box.

All workers in this process need to work carefully and steady. If any careless, the frame of the boxes or outer lined veneer may be broken which could not be fixed unless redoing it.

At this process, all boxes are inspected pieces by pieces by hands and eyes. QCs are strict in case any defected boxes passed to next process, it may bring extra costs to next process which is not allowed.

Painting Process

Painting process, this is a place to produce magical changes. All semi-finished well sanded boxes and parts are painted with color or lacquered here. Normally, the painting finishes include matte / high gloss lacquer, matte painting, gloss painting, high gloss painting, piano painting finish. Boxes will be well polished and sanded after each time of painting. Basically, we will take 3-4 times of polishing and painting for normal matte finish.The higher painting quality requested, the more times of painting and polishing will be taken. The painting will be 24-48 layers for some high gloss finished boxes. The more times of painting and polishing taken, the thicker of the painting and the better lustre of the box, the surface of the box is harder and stronger against from scratching. Boxes are inspected piece by piece at this process, by hands and eyes, comparing with approved sample. No bubbles on surface, no color difference, no scratching, no dirt… In one word, boxes and parts are passed to next process with no defects on surface.The output of our painting line is 3,000 – 5,000 boxes per day, vary from different finishes.

It’s a guarantee of timely delivery time.

Packing Process

Here we come to another place to produce magical changes, packing process.

All well painted semi-finished wooden boxes, parts, metal accessories, velvet, inner accessories and others accessories will be assembled together to get the wooden box to become a finished elegant box.

After cleaning, each box will be packed as confirmed in order. They are ready to go to different markets.

At this process, all boxes will be inspected piece by pieces at least twice by strict QCs. Third party inspection and customer inspection is welcomed.

Color Boxes of Wooden Boxes We Made

Packaging can be personalized as customers need.

Velvet bag, color paper gift box, cardboard box, pallet packaging are supplied as order.

Right picture is a corner of the wooden boxes with paper gift box we made.