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How We Started?

Dancing Wood focuses on wooden urns for animals, wooden keepsake boxes and related memorial gifts and accessories ( e.g. wooden memorial light instead of candle, dog tag urn and more ).

We have been in wooden box and craft industry since 1999, wooden urns is one of our categories. This category was started later than other wooden categories ( jewelry box, tea box, watch box and more ). One of our customer, who are our old friends now, asked us to make wood pet urns for him in 2013. He met some quality and delivery problems with his supplier at that time. He bought gift boxes from us and was very happy with our quality and service as well. Yes, we started this category then.

After years of growing, we grow up and this category grows up as well. We are happy to meet more customers in this industry who love animals with their tender hearts.

The more we know friends in this industry, the more we love our work. This industry is new in China, many factories do not even know it. Cause of some reasons ( order quantity, Custom fees, quality… ), customers can’t get a good quality pet urn box at competitive price.

We have been experienced in wooden box industry and have rich resources related, we are able to save costs for customers. These allow us to support customers with small order quantity policy, FREE MOCK UPS, FREE EXISTING SAMPLE and ONE YEAR QUALITY GUARANTEE.

We’d like to be A Better Wooden Box Supplier. We are on the way and never stop our feet…

More About Mother of Dancing Wood

When I was a child, my father and my uncle ( brother of my mother ) run a small wooden furniture factory in my hometown. The main products were wooden furniture, sofa, dinner table set, wardrobe. Every time I saw their new finished products, I would like to touch them and feel them, the wood strain, the wood color, the wood smell. I think I have fallen in love with wood since then.

When I went to college, they sold the small factory. It was not a good news for me absolutely but I respect their decision. During my college time, I still liked to go some furniture mall to touch and fell those charming wooden products. It was part of my happy time.

After graduation from college, I didn’t know where to go and what to do. An idea came to me when I was walking in a furniture mall. Why should not I try to do something about wood. Yes, something about wood. I shared my idea and plan to my father. It was unexpected that he didn’t on my side. I was told that woodwork is a very traditional industry which has limited future. I knew it’s traditional but I’d like to try.

I spent 10 years in wood crafts and box foreign trade industry. It’s pity to see that most of these traditional wood craft and wooden box factories have poor management. We had to face many urgent issues, late delivery, cost increasing without notice, late response even no response sometimes, unstable quality… I felt so sorry when these issues happened. I had to break my words said to my customers. I knew how terrible for customers to handle the issues caused by us.

I should do a few thing I can to change a few things. This is why we started our company. Our goal is quite simple, making luxury wooden gift boxes more affordable, letting customers feel easy to do business with traditional wood box supplier from China.

We care every inquiry and order. To support customers new product development better, we welcomed David to join us. David is in charge of our new product development and design. We propose options to customers according to their concepts. We provide 2D or 3D mock ups for customers reference. Cause of David’s professional work, we helped more customers get their concepts come to reality. We have been doing what we’d like to do as a better traditional wooden box supplier. We are proud to get admitted by our dear customers as good friend and partner.

We never stop our feet to catch the latest industry trend and improve us.

Our Work

Custom and wholesale pet urns, keepsake boxes, memorial gifts and accessories. We support small order for customers test markets.

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